Welcome to the virtual home of Infinite Flight ATC (IFATC). IFATC provides 24/7 air traffic control services to the expert server of Infinite Flight.

Flight Simulation in the palm of your hand. Infinite Flight offers the most comprehensive experience on mobile devices, whether you are a curious novice or a decorated pilot. Sit in the captain's seat in a beautiful virtual cockpit, or enjoy the views from multiple on-board and external cameras. The world in HD 15 meter/pixel satellite terrain imagery and thousands of airport layouts allows pilots to simulate their flight anywhere, all on a mobile device. Realistic atmospherics with the sun, moon and stars and customizable time of day lets you enjoy a scenic sunset cruise, night time landing or a beautiful noon departure. Challenge yourself to a low-visibility instrument approach, adjust wind speeds and directions or simply enjoy clear conditions with configurable weather.

Infinite Flight has multiple servers where pilots can fly anywhere in the world. New pilots can test their skills on our Casual Server, while gaining experience. After the right amount of practice, the training server is where pilots and ATC can hone their skills while making use of our YouTube Training Library and Documentation.

Pilots who meet experience requirements can access our Expert Servers! Here, rules are strictly enforced to ensure the best flying experience for all. Users who wish to be Air Traffic Controllers on the expert server must pass both a written and practical test to join our IFATC group.

For more information on Infinte Flight, please visit InfiniteFlight.com, the Infinite Flight Community, and visit Infinite Flight on both The Google and Apple play stores.

IF-ATC.com is an independent Flight Simulation website. The data on this website may be inaccurate and must not be used for real world navigation as it is unlawful and unsafe to do so.


Would you like to join the Infinite Flight expert server controllers (IFATC)? This is your first step in becoming a controller on the expert server. Our recruiting team will provide you with the testing materials and guidance you'll need in order to join our team of mature and knowledgeable users. Review the application requirements and fill out an application to join.

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Are you currently in the recruiting process and would like some additional help? Sign up for training and one of our trainers will work with you to identify gaps in your controlling so you can have a better understanding of the position you are training for. Your trainer will work with you and provide detailed feedback to help you improve your technique and ability. We provide training to both observer rank controllers for local training and specialist rank controllers for radar training.

IFATC Education Group

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Open Frequencies

Airport Frequency Controller
KMIA Ground Andres_Arevalo
KMIA Tower Andres_Arevalo
KMIA ATIS Andres_Arevalo
VABB Ground Dip_Prajapati
VABB Tower Dip_Prajapati
VABB ATIS Dip_Prajapati
EIDW Approach Average_Gamer
KJFK Approach RadarVectors_NewYork
KJFK Departure RadarVectors_NewYork
KJFK ATIS RadarVectors_NewYork
KMIA Approach Nee
EGLL Ground Claudio_Torres
EGLL Tower Claudio_Torres
EGLL ATIS Claudio_Torres
Center MJP_27
Center MJP_27
Center MJP_27
EGCC Ground Kyle0705
EGCC Tower Kyle0705
EGCC Approach Kyle0705
Center Kyle0705
EGCC ATIS Kyle0705
EGPH Ground CompetitiveDivide320
EGPH Tower CompetitiveDivide320
EGPH ATIS CompetitiveDivide320
KPHX Ground Humberto
KPHX Tower Humberto
KPHX ATIS Humberto